Povesti - International Theatre Festival

8th-13th May 2018
Alba Iulia

Double Rise 2018

27th-30th June 2018

Create.Act.Enjoy Cluj

Urania Palace Cluj

Csík Zenekar concert

12th May 2018
Dinu Lipatti Philharmonic, Satu Mare

Vibe Festival

5th-8th July 2018
Mures Bank, Târgu Mureş

Extraordinary concert with Andrei Ioniţă

14th May 2018
Auditorium Maximum, Cluj

Geneza Art Theatre productions in Cluj

24th, 26th April 2018
Student Cultural House, Cluj

Zero Waste Living with Bea Johnson

7th May 2018
Casino Cluj

Reflex 4

4th-16th May 2018
Tamási Áron Theatre, Saint George

Dramsylvania Whisky tasting, 5th edition

12th May 2018
Köpeczi -Teleki House, Târgu-Mureş

Saint George Days 2018

21st-29th April 2018
Saint George

Freedom Fest

30th August-2nd September 2018
Marghita Pool
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