Bryan Reynolds


Transversal Theater Company, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Videó bezárása

Fractalicious! is "intermedial" and "post-dramatic" insofar as it blends media, spaces, consciousnesses, and realities and is presentational, ironic, sincere, and comedic, and features every design aspect working interdependently with comparable value. The performance combines five components, a coalescing pastiche of characters, subject positions, performance modes, and digital technologies: 1) an actor plays a professor's multiple co-existing sensibilities that cascade in a chaotic unraveling and reorganizing of a stylized, often parodic, lecture; 2) a dancer occupies multiple subjectivities and affects competing for the space of the professor for whom she is lover, sadist, and symbiotic (they present several overlapping stories); 3) singers sonically punctuate and engage the fracturings of consciousness and subjectivity as they breakdown and renew; 4) videos permute extreme phenomena from neurochemical to astronomical, human to machinic, horrific to beautiful, and so on, comprise, complicate and enhance the landscape; and 5) DJs weave symphonically various sonic lifelines, biorhythmically fusing audience with all performance elements.

Director: Guy Zimmermann

Profesor Reynolds: Bryan Reynolds
Jessica: Jessica Emmanuel
Presence: Anouk Briefjes, Cinthia de Neef

Director of film: Michael Moshe Dahan
Choreography: Jessica Emmanuel, Kayla Emerson, Sheron Wray
Producer: Oscar Seip

Associate producer: Sam Kolodezh
Stage managers: Miguel Grilo, Adam Bryx, Sam Kolodezh
Lighting designers: Lonnie Alcaraz, Lonnie Alcaraz
Sound designer, composer, DJ: David Backovsky
Scenic designer: Luke Cantarella
Costume designer: Bryan Reynolds
Film editors: Joseph Melita, Eric Russ, Fabien Fievet, Aimee Murillo, Kevin Klauber
Green screen work: Alex Hoffman

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