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Ivan Turbincă

Children's stories

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The actors of Romanian Section of North Theater invite you to walk along them in a world of satire, as the hero of the story finds himself looking for immortality, in a frame full of fantastic characters: St. Peter, God, devils, Scaraotchi and even Death - whom Ivan manages to trick, in order not to take his soul. In the end, Death finds its revenge, pledging to Ivan an eternity in the vale of years.

Directed by Daniel Vulcu, the manager of "Regina Maria", "Iosif Vulcan" theatrical company, former actor of the North Theater, the play promises to amuse children, parents and grandparents alike, people that were fascinated by the undying stories of the beloved Ion Creanga.

Director: Daniel Vulcu

Directed by: Daniel Vulcu
Scenography: Oana Cernea
Music: Dorin Griguţă
Choreography: Gabriela Tănase
Ivan Turbincă - Ciprian Vultur
God - Carol Erdos
St. Peter - Vlad Chico
Boyar - Stelian Roşian
Maid - Andreea Mocan
Death- Alina Negrău
Scaraoţchi - Ioana Cheregi
Devil 1 - Anca Dogaru
Devil 2 - Bianca Lidia Cuteanu

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