Maria Wojtyszko

Sam, or Preparation for Family Life


Videó bezárása
Sam means alone in Polish. Maria Wojtyszko's play offers the fresh perspective of the contemporary Polish theatre, thematizing the problems of an adolescent whose parents are going through a difficult divorce. The grotesque family history asks all the relevant questions about the possible new role of religion in modern society and the chances of survival of the traditional family model.
Director: BOCSÁRDI László
Sam: ERDEI Gábor
Sam's mother: CZIRJÁK Beatrix (student)
Sam's father: PÁLFFY Tibor
Grzesiek: FEKETE LOVAS Zsolt
Viola: KORODI Janka
Maja's kitchen: PÁL FERENCZI Gyöngyi
Madame Schultz: TÓTH Eszter Nikolett (student)
Grzesiek's grandmother: FEKETE LOVAS Zsolt
Journalist: TÓTH Eszter Nikolett (student)
Viola's mother: CZIRJÁK Beatrix (student)
Viola's father: PÁLFFY Tibor
Good Hamster: KÓNYA-ÜTŐ Bence
Bad Hamster: BOCSÁRDI Magor
Dragan: PIGNITZKY Gellért (student)

Set designer: BARTHA József
Costume designer: KISS Zsuzsanna
Music: BOCSÁRDI Magor, KÓNYA-ÜTŐ Bence
Coreography: BEZSÁN Noémi
Director's assistant: LÁSZLÓ Beáta Lídia
Prompter: DOBRA Mária Magdolna
Stage manager: V. BARTHA Edit
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